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Affording Christian Education

In Deuteronomy 6, God holds parents accountable for the education of their children. We believe Christian education is critical to the partnership of your family’s home and the outcomes displayed by our graduates as character-driven, Christ-like, servant leaders who will make a difference in the world.  

We establish a culture of educational partnership with each and every parent.  A partnership is:

  • A reciprocal arrangement that is mutually beneficial to each party.
  • The school offers the very best in quality Christian education.
  • Serious and committed families value the investment and benefit from earthly and heavenly outcomes it is designed to produce for their children.
  • We all wish to maximize a parent’s return on investment.

Funding a Quality Program

  • To be a school of quality, one that offers quality curriculum taught by quality instructors, in a quality facility with quality tools and resources costs money.  
  • Money is integral to quality, in that quality requires investment in order to achieve a desired outcome.  
  • Funding for Christian education comes from a variety of sources:
    • Tuition paid by parents. This revenue covers about half of the operating budget.
    • Generous donors who wish to support the vision and mission of Christian education contribute faithfully.
    • The Seventh-day Adventist Church subsidizes the operating budget which significantly decreases the amount of tuition charged.
      • Fun Fact: 100% of the cost of the building is funded by the local SDA Church members.
    • Grants and scholarships that you can participate in.
  • There are elements of truth in the saying ‘You get what you pay for’.  Not much in life exists that is free and is quality.

It is our goal that no child is denied a Christian education because of finances.

We believe that an educational fit is the most important objective in creating an educational partnership for successful outcomes.  You can evaluate the five paths to affording quality Christian education  options during your visit with the Principal.  (assuming we do in fact have five…I just want to make sure I know what they are and can clearly articulate them if we publish this here).

New Students

We value bringing in new students and new families at our school year round.  Our school uses a system of continuous enrollment or ‘Once Enrolled, Always Enrolled’ as we desire to make it as easy as possible for families to maintain their enrollment.  It is expected that our enrollment will grow each year and this system helps families be able to plan and budget their tuition payments.

IF you are in need of a financial gift to support your family’s desire for Christian education, when you visit for your education conversation, we will be happy to share with you all of the ways that we help your family afford LCAS.

Re-Enrollment/Retention of Enrolled Students

Every year by March, we request a non-refundable ‘Hold Your Seat’ fee of $150/student to assure a space is reserved for any non-graduating student at our school for the next school year. IF paid by the early re-enrollment deadline, the ‘Hold Your Seat’ fee is rebated off of your 1st month’s tuition payment which is collected in July.

Your tuition fee schedule will reflect an 11-month inclusive payment plan which includes all fees rolled into a single lower monthly payment. For every month, the March deadline passes, an escalating fee of $25/month is applied in addition to the ‘Hold Your Seat’ fee. 

For families seeking a needs-based financial gift to support your family’s desire for Christian education.

The actual cost to educate a single student exceeds what we charge in tuition.  Because of the financial support of our donors and the SDA church along with our fundraising efforts, we are pleased that we can keep tuition rates very affordable. We are happy to be able to offer some financial assistance (a gift) to families who truly desire for their children to attend our school but cannot afford the entire cost of tuition. We expect families to do their part to prioritize affording Christian education.

We are committed to work with anyone who has a desire to attend our school by developing a solid and reasonable financial plan.  Financial aid grants are awarded based on the financial need of a family and the funds available. To determine your family’s eligibility, you must complete an application for financial aid. All requests for students in grades K-10 will be processed by our tuition management team, a confidential service that helps objectively determine a family’s ability to pay for school tuition and other educational expenses. The school personnel do not receive specific details of your family’s finances.

When you visit for your education conversation with principal Kelly Gennick, she will review specific grants and/or scholarships that are available, in support of your family’s desire to receive a quality Christian education.

Limited financial aid is available and is awarded on a first-apply, first-serve basis for families with a documented need and meet the established deadlines.

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